Become a member of

The Artisan's Club

Having a regular order with us entitles you to become a member of The Artisan's Club.

Every 2-3 weeks you'll receive complimentary samples of new breads and new ideas.

 We'd appreciate if you could share honest feedback with us - what you like and what you don't.

Artisan's can also suggest their own ideas or come to us with recipes; we will bake and share!

Look out for samples of croissants, focaccia and rugbrod (Danish rye bread) in the coming weeks.

  • Friday 12th November: Focaccia (Rosemary & Salt; Cherry Tomato; Potato & Rosemary)

  • Friday 3rd December: Christmas Mince Pies!

  • Friday 4th February: Ancient Grains (a blend of Wychwood, Spelt, Emmer and Einkorn)


A Real Bread Community

At Kew Artisan Bread we often have a concept of what the perfect bread or pizza should taste, feel and look like.

Sometimes it takes months of researching different techniques and different blends to create something we love. 

As part of our community we want to share these new ideas with those that support our business.

Building and Growing

We are very much a small scale micro bakery with a focus on excellence, always seeking perfection.

In the coming months and years we want to grow our business to increase our output and range of breads whilst maintaining the quality that makes us unique.

Please contact us if you want to support us on our journey.